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why? just why?… why can’t we be together? why can’t you just forget every thing everyone else is saying and just go with what you feel? you think I’m telling the whole world our relationship, but honestly I’m not. if expressing my feelings and trying to find a way to deal with this is telling the world our relationship?.. then I guess I’m sorry. but it’s not. all I’m doing is expressing the way I feel and having an outlet from this pain.. instead of doing something stupid. but I’m sorry if you feel that way… I just want to know.. why? why now? you weren’t saying this a few days ago.. you were all up to fight for us and to do anything you can for our relationship just like I am.. but I guess you just stopped. I guess you couldn’t take it anymore. I don’t know.. I don’t know what you were thinking. I couldn’t reply to you.. I just couldn’t. reading what you sent me just made me feel.. hopeless. I feel like we’ll never be together again.. ever. but I want to be. I want you. I want all of you. I just.. I just.. I just love you. I’m in love with you… ugh. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I’m trying to be happy and be on my own.. but honestly.. it hurts. but I told you before.. I still and will always love you. I’m still in love with you.. and no matter how long this takes, no matter what pain I have to go through, no matter how many times I have to pretend I’m happy when I’m not.. I will always be here for you. I will always wait for you. I will be here.. for as long as I have to be.. for as long as you have my heart.
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Whachu know bout me

Vine by Wyn Wiley

black dude on the right is rly feeling himself bless

Just a pool, disguised as a pond, with a trampoline instead of a diving board.

I wrote a paper about these kinds of pools several years ago for a class when they were just prototypes. These pools have a natural filtration system that run based on the plants that are in the pool that give the water nutrients that allow it to not only be crystal clear, but you are also able to drink the water because it becomes so clean. And the best part is that once the initial filtration system is installed and calibrated, it maintains itself and eliminates the need for chlorine or constant maintenance like salt water pools. 

I want

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